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Explore the world of secure and reliable cloud storage


Mobile  Application

Back up files on your phone. Get the iOS or Android app


Organize and edit your files online.

Desktop Application

Scheduled or one-time uploads to save all your photos.

Data Recovery

Data Recovery up to 30 days

Enjoy the best of Security and Reliability combined together

Our staff works effortlessly to ensure your needs are met with our state of the art equipment.


A few things we’re great at

Keep photos, stories, designs, drawings, recordings, videos, and more.

See your stuff anywhere

Whatever you place in the cloud, it’s always avalible. No matter the Device, No matter the place, No matter the time.(with internet) It’ll be here for you.

Back up any file or folder

No matter the size or file time, you files can safely be stored in the cloud for anytime anywhere access.

Protect your data

Rest easy knowing your data’s safe. Remote wipe lets you clear all the files and folders from your missing device. All of your files are secure and backed up.


Features by plan

We offer plenty of features, and are always adding more to the mix!

Remote Device Wipe

In the event you lose your device or if it was stolen you have the ability to request a device wipe.

File Scanning

Don’t worry about losing data do to virus or curroption. Our Cloud service scans 24/7 to detect malware and quorintee the Virus.

Priority Chat

You spoke we listened. We have added a priority chat line allowing our customers to recieve a message back within 6 hours of submitting a ticket.

Unlimited access

We’ve upgraded our Servers to listen to anything you have. We offer a wide range of connection devices.

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Our Team

There are number of people that could do the jobs below, but only a few I would trust. The members of our team go above and beyond to make sure every feature is up to par.

Randy Miller

Network Administrator

Jacob Togni

Network Architect

Cali Pomerantz

Project Coordinator

Elizabeth Conrad

Data Front End Manager

Elijah Thompson

Data Security Analyst

Lindsay Sharp

Lead Programmer

Grace Barattini

Design Engineer

Camryn Kelly

Graphic Design Specialist

Latest News

Introducing our Latest and most Secure plan 5TB of storage. This plan gives you access on EVERY device, from Windows to MAC, from Android to Apple.

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